Card Grading Policy

Unplayed/Near Mint (NM) - Cards in this condition are virtually perfect and contain little to no noticeable manufacturing errors.  Cards in this grade might show very minor cutting defects evident along the sides or corners, or one to two minor dings from handling.




Slightly Played/Good (SP)- Cards in this condition show only minor signs of wear from play.  Examples include slight scratches, multiple minor dings, or light dirt/gummy residue from playing the cards in sleeves.  Cards that have been signed by the card artist or a Magic game designer also fall into this category as long as the card itself would otherwise be slightly played or near mint in condition.



Moderately Played/Worn (MP) - Cards in this condition show obvious signs of wear from play, but would still be acceptable for tournament play if sleeved.  Examples include moderate whitening, dirty grime, minor creasing and moderate scratching.

Heavily Played/Damaged (HP) - Cards in this condition exhibit massive evidence of play or neglect.  These cards are noticeably damaged in some way.  Damage could include writing on the front or back (Not including signatures of card artists or Magic game designers), rips, tears, folds, punctures, heavy scratches,