Arbiter of Knollridge

Arbiter of Knollridge
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Card type: Creature
Card subtype: Giant Wizard
Casting cost: 6W
Rules text: Vigilance When Arbiter of Knollridge enters the battlefield, each player's life total becomes the highest life total among all players.
Power/Toughness: 5/5
Flavor text: Though giants are mortal, they live so long and on such a grand scale that many small folk don't believe they ever truly die.
Rarity: Rare
Price: $1.49
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Condition: Near Mint/Very Slight Play
Quantity in stock: 8

Arbiter of Knollridge in other sets

Card Name Set Name Condition Price Quantity in stock  
Arbiter of Knollridge
Arbiter of Knollridge
Commander 2015

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