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Feb 26, 2015 by: Derek Madlem
Going Mad - Something to Believe In I take pride in attacking formats with decks of my own design. Showing up at the local tournament and crushing the room with something they never saw coming has always been one of my favorite aspects of playing this game. As the player base grows larger and larger, there are fewer and fewer deck builders out there creating something new to shake up the field, this lack of inspiration among the general public has made me sad ... but worse than that, it has made me less ambitious when it comes to innovating on my own.
Fate Reforged, Booster Box
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Khans of Tarkir, Booster Box
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Feb 22, 2015 by: Derek Madlem
Going Mad - The Reasons Why You Lost There's a lot of reasons why you lost. Playing Magic successfully is one of the hardest endeavors one can embark on. Magic is a game that combines play skill, deck building skill, and some manner of luck. When you combine complex sequences of plays with impossible to calculate statistics it ends up being hard to determine exactly why you lost a game, match, or tournament. I've taken the list of compiling a list of the reasons why you lost so that you can learn from it and get better.
Feb 12, 2015 by: Derek Madlem
Going Mad - The Gold Standard When I’m talking about the gold standard I’m talking about the premiere card in a given format, the card you should be taking into account when you build every single deck. Not every format has a format defining card, but every time you have to ask yourself “is casting this better than just ____?” you’re probably going to be filling in the blank with a card that is simply put: the best thing you can be doing in the given format. - See more at: