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Sep 01, 2014 by: Derek Madlem
Going Mad - SPOILERS - The Fix Is In There were rumors that Wizards of the Coast employees were at Grand Prix Chicago making the rounds at the vendor tables giving fair warning that the onslaught fetches were going to be reprinted. And then there were the "inside sources" ... a lot of people knew a friend of a friend of a guy that once dated the sister of someone that interned at Wizards, and they said that the Onslaught fetches were going to be reprinted.
Conspiracy Booster Box
A factory sealed box of the Conspiracy set
Quantity in stock: 11
Duel Decks - Jace vs. Vraska
Two ready to play 60 card decks built around Jace, Architect of Thought and...
Quantity in stock: 8
M2015 Booster Box
A factory sealed booster box of the M2015 Core Set. Contains 36 booster packs.
Quantity in stock: 10
M2015 Booster Case
A case of 6 factory sealed booster boxes of M2015.
Quantity in stock: 3
M2015 Fat Pack
M2015 Fat Pack - the best way to begin collecting the new set!
Quantity in stock: 12
Modern Event Deck - March of the Multitudes
Modern Event Deck; 60-card deck in white and black, 15-card sideboard,...
Quantity in stock: 4

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Aug 30, 2014 by: Derek Madlem
Going Mad - SPOILER - Soundclaw Mystic Spoilers are leaking out and there's a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming Khans of Tarkir expansion. We know that we're getting five new "shards" like those seen in the Shards of Alara block, but these instead represent the remaining color combinations not represented in Shards block. The "Buy A Box" promo card for Khans of Tarkir has been leaked and it's stirred up a good bit of discussion in social media. Let's take a look at what the Temur guild (blue/red/green) is putting on the table.
Aug 27, 2014 by: Ryan Schwenk
The Japan Metagame Diaries: GP Kobe and the Rise of Kaiju Affinity
  • "Kaiju" (怪獣 kaijū?) is a Japanese word that literally translates to "giant beast." The word has been translated and defined in English as "strange monster" (taken from Wikipedia)
As I watched fellow Nagoya player (and my local game store hero) Goto Yuusei go 9-0 on day one, then make it into the top 8 with only ONE loss, I couldn't help but think I was watching somebody control these monsters, these Kaiju, to do their bidding. Time after time Goto-san would swing for huge swaths of damage, like Godzilla's tail swinging around and laying waste to an entire battalion of  tanks. Once an opponent's forces and life had been decimated, he'd summon a (Galvanic or Shrapnel) blast of unbearable heat to finish them.