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Jan 23, 2015 by: Derek Madlem
Going Mad - How 'bout them Bannings? Like I said, it wasn’t about results and metagames … it was about public perception. Regardless of the data, this was the most anticipated banned and restricted list announcement in a VERY long time. People were literally clamoring for Treasure Cruise to be banned, and they got what they were after. Birthing Pod coming along for the dramatic voyage into the sunset was not as anticipated as banning the cruise, but Wizards hates the idea of Modern having a single dominant deck in Modern.
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Jan 22, 2015 by: Michael Tabler
Table(r) Talk: The Eternal Format Shake-Up On Monday January 19, 2015 we finally got some shake ups for the eternal formats of Magic with Treasure Cruise being the primary target. Let's check out what it means for the playability of decks we all love and hate in Magics greatest formats.
Jan 19, 2015 by: Michael Tabler
Table(r) Talk: GAT Redux Tournament Report It's not often that I get to play Vintage. So when an opportunity to play in Northern Indiana/Southern Michigan comes up I usually bite, even on pre-release weekend. A couple of friends, Dave and Max, and myself took a short trip to Kalamazoo, Michigan to play in what would be called a "private underground" Vintage tournament. This would give me an opportunity to play the Gush deck that I recently had wrote about with a few changes made to it.