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Jul 29, 2015 by: Derek Madlem
Going Mad - Planeswalkers in Love Let’s preface this by saying this is arguably the most absurd article I’ve ever written. What inspired it? A Twitter conversation about Planeswalkers in love. I know, right?! It’s somewhat absurd to think about at this point, but it’s a real thing. Wizards is in the process of making a feature film and has made great strides to leverage Magic’s star characters into more than just characters in a card game, Hasbro wants another blockbuster franchise to pick up where Transformers is slacking off. As some of you already knew, and others will after reading this Uncharted Realms, Jace and Liliana once had a romance… as it turns out, making pacts with a series of demons and erasing people’s memories of you are not the hallmarks of a healthy relationship.
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Jun 26, 2015 by: Derek Madlem
Going Mad - Don't Call it a Comeback I haven't been playing much Magic recently, my time has has me traveling to either end of the country slinging cards with a variety of vendors. When you're traveling five days in a week for Magic, the last thing you REALLY want to do is play Magic when you get back... especially when you have a wife that wants to spend time with you; I know, first world problems right?
Jun 12, 2015 by: Derek Madlem
Going Mad - Sometimes You Need a Bigger Rock In case you haven’t figured this out yet: everything in Magic is cyclical. We’re all familiar with the Rock Lobster, Paper Tiger, Scissors Lizard nature of the Magic tournament metagames. We know to switch archetypes as the foundation shifts to adapt to what we expect to play and we know that despite the fact that paper beats rock (sometimes), we know that rock is easily just the best.